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Tui Territory


The chattiest of the New Zealand natives, the tui may appear black from a distance but each feather has iridescent hues of green, blue and purple.

Highly territorial, these birds can be seen defending their patch from kākā, hawks and even falcons. Tui are widespread at Pūkaha and have nested very well the past few years.

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Kākā Territory


Kākā live in this hectare. The word kākā is te reo Māori and means parrot, or “to screech”.

There are probably fewer than 10,000 individuals left, mainly due to habitat loss, however native planting corridors have allowed it to travel from Masterton to Wellington in a single day, helping with the genetic diversity of the species.

Many kākā have been released at Pūkaha over the years.

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Kiwi Territory


The favourite bird of Aotearoa New Zealand, the iconic kiwi, lives here. This unique species was once found all across the country but today is under threat due to predation and habitat loss.

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Kōkako Territory


The lastest kōkako census in 2019 recorded 40 pairs and up to 20 individual birds in the Pūkaha reserve.

Kōkako were recorded as living in this hectare. Kōkako have an extraordinarily haunting song. Like church organs playing alongside a melodic flute, these kōkako duets can be heard dominating the dawn chorus.

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Huia Territory


The last confirmed location of Huia was the Tararua Ranges, in 1907. Huia could have lived not too far away, here at Pūkaha.

These hectares are all about the vision of returning the forest to it’s former glory, during the time of the Huia. It’s about remembering what happened to the Huia in order to prevent extinction from happening to other species.

Sponsoring a hectare is for a year.

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