Our conservation, restoration and education programmes would not be possible without support from passionate individuals like you.

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Do you hear that? That chattering in the foliage is the red-crowned kākāriki.  Unfortunately, you are one of the lucky ones – most New Zealanders have never seen or heard this bird in the wild as it is critically endangered.

Thanks to the captive breeding programme at Pūkaha, we are happy to report that this beautiful bird is one of several native species that are now being reintroduced into the wild for future generations to see for themselves.

You can play your own part in the conservation story by making a donation to the Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre today. As a registered charity, our birds and the subsequent conservation programmes rely solely on the generosity of the community.

On behalf of every creature at Pūkaha, we thank you for your assistance.

Te Whare Taiao o Manukura Wananga Pukaha Wildlife Centre 2
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  • Te Whare Taiao o Manukura is a place where mokopuna (young people) can be taught about the forest in the forest.
  • Where tamariki (kids) can be taught to sing like birds while sitting beside the birds.
  • A space to learn about the past while being in a place where the past is etched in the trees and the land. 🌳

We have some really special benefits for small and big donors who get behind this project.

Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu

‘Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar’

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Further information about the Wānanga is here.

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The Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre Endowment Fund was one of the first funds to be established and managed by the Te Awa Community Foundation.

Any contribution you can make to the Fund helps continue our mission to re-create a predator-free natural environment where rare native birds, plants and other wildlife thrive.

All donations to the Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre Endowment Fund are invested wisely in
perpetuity, so your gift remains in the fund forever. Each year the interest earned by the fund
makes an essential contribution to Pūkaha’s valuable work.

This ensures your gift really does keep on giving – year after year.