Pukaha News

Kokako census show great improvement

Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre has completed a comprehensive survey of the kokako living in the reserve and the results have been impressive.

The intensive kokako census completed in October 2016 has identified 30 pairs of kokako currently living in the reserve with a conservative estimate of 9 other juvenile birds sighted during the survey.

Kokako takes title of 2016 Bird of the Year

Following some serious campaigning, the Kokako has taken out the title of Bird of the Year 2016, beating its closest rival the kea by over 1,000 votes.

With the only kokako in captivity living at Pukaha, the team at Pukaha Mount Bruce are excited and proud to be looking after Kahurangi.

We are pleased that we can offer our visitors the opportunity to see this beautiful bird up close. As an imprinted bird, she is usually keen to come to the front of her aviary to engage with visitors and she can often be heard wolf-whistling from the other end of the reserve.

Be a Junior Ranger at Pukaha these holidays

Join in with the team at Pukaha these school holidays and sign up to be a Junior Ranger!

Over the lond summer holidays Pukaha Junior Rangers is available every Wednesday in January from 11-3.  

Get in behind the scenes with our Rangers and learn about caring for our birds and our forest. We will look at our insects, plants and eco-systems. On your first Junior Ranger duty you will collect your Junior Ranger conservation action booklet. Completed conservation actions can earn rewards. You might even become a Pukaha Conservation leader.