So You Want To Be A Ranger?

Have you been thinking about becoming a ranger in New Zealand but still have some niggling questions? Meet Eve MacKenzie, 26, our newest intern on the path to becoming a ranger to see what kind of things she gets up to during the week.

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The Wacky World of New Zealand Wētā

New Zealand wētā are some of our most iconic insects, but do you know what’s so special about them? It’s time to get introduced to our famous wētā species and the wonderful, wacky world they live in. Let’s go!

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Saving the Shore Plover

Pūkaha has been involved with saving the shore plover since the early 1980’s. A challenging bird to breed, it is today one of our biggest success stories, with our captive breeding programme contributing to around 10% of the world’s total number. We interview Pūkaha ranger Mireille Hicks about what goes on behind the scenes!

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Discover Pūkaha

Pūkaha. The name means “windy mountain” but scratch beneath the surface and you find it is a whole lot more. It may be a national wildlife centre and successful breeding conservation site, but it’s also home to hundreds of birds that are today found only in the rarest pockets of kiwi bush.

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