Pukaha News

Paintings at Pukaha

18 well known artists have created an exhibition of Native Bird and Flora paintings which are on display in the Visitor Centre at Pukaha Mount Bruce from 2 April until 30 June 2015.

The artists are not only contributing to a stunning exhibition which brings home to all our visitors the beauty of New Zealand flora and fauna, they are also very kindly donating a portion of the sale of any of the paintings and prints towards the Pukaha forest restoration fund.

Enry to the exhibition is free.

More kiwis hatching at Pukaha Mount Bruce

MB76, a North Island Brown Kiwi, hatched to the delight of both visitors and staff at Pukaha Mount Bruce on Tuesday 28 January at 10.30am. Visitors were able to watch the kiwi fight its way out of the egg and then be transferred into a warm brooder box.