Pukaha News

Love Pukaha, love kiwi

In keeping with our theme of Love this February, we're pleased to announce the arrival of "Valentine" who hatched at Pukaha at 6pm on Saturday 14 February 2015.

Valentine will remain in a warm brooder for the next 5 days until he is ready to be introduced to food. He will then be fed daily at 12 noon until he's reached his hatch weight.  As participants in Operation Nest Egg, Pukaha kiwi are creched until they reach 1.2 kilos and are then placed into the Pukaha Mount Bruce forest.

Valentine hatched from the 85th kiwi egg brought into the Pukaha nursery since 2005.

More Kiwis tagged in the forest

In an attempt to keep track of more male kiwi in the Pukaha forest, we recently had Jo Sims and her kiwi tracking dogs Maddie and Rua on site.  They found a very interesting juvenile kiwi we've nicknamed "Patchy" and you can see why by the photo!

Whio breeding success at Pukaha

Picture of whio duckling

This breeding season at Pukaha Mount Bruce has been fantastic for our Whio.  16 ducklings have hatched which is a wonderful result.

With an estimated 2,500 whio left in the wild, an additional 16 will make a welcome addition.

These ducklings are being raised for the first few weeks here at Pukaha and then will go to a special 'hardening unit' at Turangi.

Whio live on fast flowing rivers and unless the ducklings are taught to swim in fast water before they are released, they will have a difficult time acclimatising to life in the wild.

Free Discovery Packs for kids this summer

Until the end of January, Pukaha Mount Bruce will be providing all visiting chidren with a free Discovery Pack.

A special question sheet is included in the pack, with all the answers to be found throughout the park.  Once completed, children will receive a Pukaha Ranger badge and can go into the draw to win a Manukura soft toy.

With 6 talks and feeds every day, Manukura the worlds only white kiwi on display in the nocturnal house and a safe and easy bush walk with plenty of free parking, Pukaha Mount Bruce is a great place to bring the family for summer holiday fun.

Mapuna, third white kiwi, undergoes eye surgery

The third white kiwi hatched at Pukaha Mount Bruce has undergone delicate eye surgery at Massey University’s Wildbase Hospital.

Mapuna, the last of three rare white kiwi to be hatched at Pukaha since 2011, hatched with an incompletely formed tear duct. First diagnosed by Wildbase Hospital at Massey when very young, until now Mapuna has been monitored by Pukaha staff who have undertaken daily eye cleaning.

New Walk Through Aviary planned

We are now a big step closer to constructing a state of the art walk through aviary after receiving a grant of $250,000 from Trust House Foundation.

This grant will kick start fundraising for the $1.1 million dollar project which is designed to provide visitors to Pukaha  with an exciting experience – allowing them to get closer to native bird life and flora and fauna.

Rare Kokako counted in Pukaha forest

A very conservative count of 29 North Island kokako have been identified in a ‘walk through’ survey carried out by the Department of Conservation and volunteers in the Pukaha Mount Bruce forest.

“This is a fantastic result for Pukaha Mount Bruce as it shows our predator controls practices are working.  With a total of 16 of the 29 confirmed sighted birds being unbanded we think that the population is most probably more like 40 to 50 birds in the forest” says Bob Francis, Chair Pukaha Mount Bruce Board.

Major Spot Prize for Breadcraft Wild Challenge announced

The major spot prize for the Breadcraft Wild Challenge being held at Pukaha Mount Bruce on Sunday 28 September has been announced - as an opportunity to participate in a North Island Brown Kiwi release at Pukaha - and to name the kiwi being released.

All entrants, both individual and teams, will go into the draw to win the spot prize. But they must be present at the prize giving which will be held in the Pukaha Mount Bruce Visitor centre after the completion of the challenge.

New Duathlon announced for Pukaha Mount Bruce

With support from an iconic Wairarapa owned business, we are opening up some of our backcountry to the public with a new duathlon event- The Breadcraft Wild Challenge at Pukaha

Our top tips for easy DIY Conservation at home

We are often asked by our visitors "What can WE do to help out at home?".

Here are the current top tips that Pukaha staff tell our visitors when they are asked these questions!

Helen - "Keep your cats in at night. Cat's don't just kill birds, they also will kill native geckos"

Josh - "Plant native flowering and berry producing plants in your backyard - your local plant store should be able to give you great advice on the best varieties for your backyard"