Sponsor A Hectare

The Pukaha Forest is 942 hectares of unfenced reserve and requires constant vigilance and trapping to keep rats, stoats, feral cats and other predators away from our iconic NZ birds, their nests and eggs.

It might not be yours to keep, but from only $25 per quarter hectare, you can help keep our forest free from predation and be a key part of bringing the birdsong back to the bush.  We are also an Operation Nest Egg site where we take eggs in from the forest, hatch kiwi in a safe site and grow them to 1.2 kilos before releasing them back into our forest. At 1.2 kilos they can defend themselves from rats and stoats, two of NZ's main predators.  Your donation also assists us with other forest restoration work such as 5 minute bird call counts to keep an eye on the biodiversity in our forest. Kaka counts are also undertaken to ensure that our resident kaka population remains self sustaining.

A Pukaha hectare makes a great gift. With each purchase you will receive a letter of thanks and a certificate of 'ownership'. As a charity, your donation is also tax deductable.

(The donation is renewable annually and you will be sent a reminder letter prior to the renewal date)

Your donation will ensure the survival of our rare and endangered species by providing a safe habitat for kaka, kokako, kiwi, tui, fantails and the many other native species.

To purchase your piece of Pukaha, simply click here or drop into the Visitor Centre.