Happy 6th Birthday Manukura!

On May the 1st six years ago Pukaha got a huge suprise when Manukura, the rare white kiwi was hatched in the kiwi house nursery. Manukura is not albino but has white feathers due to a recessive gene that has been handed down by her parents.

Now a days Manukura is sharing her aviary with her "boyfriend" Turua. They are both active kiwi in O.N.E - Operation Nest Egg. This is our national kiwi recovery programme.

Manukura has celebrated her birthday with birthday messages from all around the world, a "worm" cake from the Pukaha rangers and kiwi love from her aviary mate Turua.

We are hopeful Manukura's next phase of life includes, motherhood...... Watch this space!