Ducklings Galore at Pukaha

Pateke family

We are having a wonderful breeding year for our ducklings so far at Pukaha. 

Our Pateke have each successfully hatched 6 ducklings giving us an  even dozen ducklings.

Our Whio have raised 3 ducklings so far, with another 4 eggs close to hatching.

So far our red-crowned kakariki have been slow to breed but after triple clutching last year we think that they are taking their time this year.

Kahurangi, our North Island Kokako, is currently sitting on a nest. She has never been successfully mated with other kokako but every year she builds a nest, lays and sits on unfertile eggs. Our two male takahe, Bud and Natural, are also busy preparing a nest. We find this pretty ironic as both of them were failures in the breeding programme and were sent to Pukaha to live out their twilight years together. However it appears that sometimes natural instinct keeps taking over.